"is this goodbye?"

I have gone into hiatus.
Due to exams nearing, I will be on hiatus for a few weeks.
It's been such a lovely time spent on tumblr.
From changing blog styles to meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends that I've made on this social networking site. I'll dearly miss everyone, my mutuals, my followers, everyone.
This isn't goodbye, this is just a break so I can concentrate on other aspects of my life.
My exams are coming up & I would like to concentrate fully because it's an important exam for my promotion into the next year. I just want to hurry up and graduate so I can work and spend the money travelling around the world to meet you guys! I'd want to open up a cafe, go to korea, open a cafe there maybe. I don't know, all I know right now is to graduate and really do something with my life other than academics.

I will be able to answer messages but I won't be queue-ing anymore post after my queue runs out. Do feel free to queue posts from my archive!

Thank you. I hope to come back soon!